3Axis Waterjet

能博龙门式三轴水刀切割平台产品说明水切割平台全新设计,更出色的平台防尘效果,更稳定的重心结构,全新配色方案。    能博龙门式三轴产品特别适用于玻璃行业及普通异形切割行业,该设备刀头结构简单,切割速度快。产品特点能博龙门式三轴水刀切割平台纵、横梁采用高刚性H型钢及热处理时效加工方式,水箱采用16mm厚钢板加上下平面骨架支撑结构,确保平台整体结构牢固不变形;能博水刀纵、

Nengbo Gantry 3Axis Waterjet Cutting Table 

Nengbo waterjet cutting table new design, more excellent Dustproof effect, more stable of gravity structure, new color scheme.

3Axis waterjet is particularly suitable for the glass industry and general special -shaped cutting industry.


  • The vertical and horizontal beams of the Nengbo gantry 3 Axis waterjet machine platform are made of high-rigidity H-shaped steel and heat treatment effectuve processing metods. The water tank is made of 16mm thick steel plates plus upper and lower plane frame support welded structures to ensure that the overall structure of the platform is firm and not deformed.

  • The vertical and horizontal beams and water tank installation planes of Nengbo waterjet are all processed by our factory's 4200mm X 2500mm large gantry milling machine. The verical and horizontal beams are installed without screw leveling,making the whole machine structure more stable and durable.

  • The vertical and horizontal beams of the Nengbo waterjet adopt oil-immersed waterproof and sand-proof structure,and the lifttime of the equipment guide rails and screw rods is greatly extened(the lifttime of the screw rods and guide rails can reach more than three years,whie eliminating the risk of dust and rust maintenance problems),the guide rails and screw rods of the machine which are not well dust-proof and sand0proof will increase signigicantly after 6 months of operation and can't be corrected, and the screw rods and  guide rails need to be replaced.

  • Nengbo Waterjet adopts Shanghai Weihong Bus Servo Control System, and each axis adopts absolute alue motor. It can be used normally without seeting the original and limit switches.    

3Axis Cutting Table parameters





Max Cutting size(mm)




Tool Holder Stroke(mm)


Servo System

Weihong Waterjet CNC Bus Servo Control System

Cutting Accuracy