Nengbo Waterjet Special Features

  • CNC cutting table are one-step molding by our own 4200mm X 2500mm gantry Milling machine,more precison and reliable.

  • Several core patent technologies, ensure Nengbo waterjet machine are in a leading position in the waterjet industry.

  • Special sand nozzle anti-backwater design, keep the processing more reliable. 

  • In view of the working environment of moisture and dust, the machine guideway & screw adopts water-proof and dust-proof oil-immersed structure, which can minimize the damage of moisture and dust to the guideway & screw, prolong the lifetime of the guideway & screw, and ensure the machine accuracy . 

  • Ultra-high pressure pump system with pressure detection, limit alarm and automatic protection etc of a fully range of safety devices, working stable, safe and reliable, and easy maintenance.

  • Very Simple operation program,easy to learn and use,receive the DXF files from Auto-CAD or draw by oneself.

  • Dual Cooling system

  • The inlet valve adopts no-grinding design