22KW High Efficiency & Energy Saving Intensifier Unit



  1. Nengbo Patented designed Product(Patent No:ZL 2017 2 1116875.3),this patent technologu equipped with 22KW main motor,with cutter head ruby orifice(Ruby orifice Size:0.33),its continuously output 30MPa hgih pressure water,the use electrcity of the euipment is less than 22KW per working hour(Compare with the 37KW equiipment on the market,it can save the electricity per hour up to 17~20KW/hour,and the annual processing time is 2000~3000 hours,and save ¥30000-¥60000 in electricity bils. At the same time,compared with other types of machine,which uses 0.3mm rubyorifice in the market,Nengbo intensifier has higher output pressure. Even under the same pressure, because Nengbo use 0.33mm ruby orifice,the water output is larger and the cutting speed can be increased by 20%;

  2. The commutation frequency of the equipment is low(Compared with similar products on the market,our intensifier can perform 3-4 fewer reversals per minute, 180-240 fewer reversals per hour,and 1440-1920 fewer reversals during an eight-working hour/day), the wearing parts of the intensifier assembly has better durability;

  3. Adopt Dual cooling structure(Air cooling & Inlet water cooling),oil temperature is more stable and small footprint(Not external water cooling toweror ice machine),saving user space and electricity costs;

  4. Nengbo intensifier assembly adopts coarse tooth high pressure cylinder(Tooth size:3mm),ensure that customers will not cause the hgih pressure cylinder threads to serize due to misoperation, resulting in the scrapping of the intensifier core parts,and reduce unnecessary losses for customers;

  5. Nengbo intensifier assembly adopts the original low pressure cyinder with "Oil seal external structure"to make replacement of equipment accessories more convenient. Whether you are a novice user or an experienced user, replacing the block oil seal will no longer require desassembling the oil cylinder and the block structure of the low pressure , savin time and effort

    The equipment is equipped with over-pressure alarm,motor thermal overload protection, oil level and oil temperature alarm to ensure user safety


High Efficiency & Erengy Saving Intensifier Unit Parameter



Max High Pressure


Continuous Working 



Max Water Flow


Inlet Water Pressure


Main Motor