Nengbo Waterjet Machine Daily Maintenance

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Nengbo Waterjet Machine Daily Maintenance 


Waterjet machine works in a humid and dusty environment all year round,and the machine is prone to accumulation of sand and dust. Sand and dust will have adverse effects on the normal operation of the equipment’s electrical components, transmission system and cooling system: The sand and dust of the waterjet machine are moist and have strong adhesion,which can easily cause heating ,poor contact and coil burning on electrical components.The transmission system, such as the screw guide rail, is prone to wear, resulting in a decrease in machine cutting accuracy and yield.For cooling system, such as cooling fans, the heat dissipation capacity decreases and the equipment oil temperature rises,which affects the normal pressure output At the same time, the fan load increases, and abnormal motor overload is prone to occur. In order to ensure the normal service liffe of the equipment and allow customers to use the equipment normally for a long time , the equipment should ensure dust removal and maintenance at least once a week.

The equipment components for dust removal and maintenance are: the controller, the Intensifier Unit and the vertical and horizontal beams of the waterjet cutting platform


 Specific operation of dust removal and maintenance:

1. Preparation: Be sure to remember that before the equipment removes dust, the whole machine needs to be closed and power off, including the external main line. Otherwise, it is easy to cause short circuit and other major accidents in the process of dust removal. The dust removal is mainly via using the high pressure air gun, but it should be noted that the high pressure gas output by the air compressor is generally humid high pressure gas, while the dust removal of the electrical part should ensure that the gas is dry gas, so the gas source of the air gun should pass through the output of the large sand tank or the oil-water separator of the cutting platform.

2. Dust removal of the controller


2.1The front of the controller is the electrical part of the Weihong control card, and the back is the servo driver control part.

 Dust removal steps: Firstly power off , then open the front door of the controller front door of control card (front of control cabinet),


Use dry high pressure gas to remove the dust of the control card and the relevant wiring head and socket nearby. In the process of dust removal, pay attention to whether the wire is loose. If found, use the screwdriver tight it in time.

2.2 Open the back door of the Controller, you will see the servo drive section



 This part is the servo drivers,5 Axis equipment has 6pcs (X, Y1, Y2, Z, A, B/C) ,3Axis has 3pcs (X, Y, Z) or 2pcs (X, Y), using high pressure gas gun clean the servo driver connector, and the heat dissipation hole above each servo drive box 

2.3 The display and the nearby pressure gauge, the emergency stop switch, the servo power knob switch and the cooling fan on the both side, all use the high pressure air gun to dust the joint and the blades. In the process of dust removal, we should pay attention to whether the wire is loose. If found, use the screwdriver in time.

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2.4 The computer part in the left power supply part and the middle heat dissipation hole part are using high pressure air gun for internal dust removal.

3. Dust removal for the cutting platform

3.1 The vertical beam cover plate on the left and right sides of the platform can be washed with water gun or wet cloth. Note that the cover plate is cleaned, rather than both sides of the longitudinal beam. Washing both sides of the longitudinal beam with water gun can easily lead to the water of the longitudinal beam wire guide rail, which leads to the destruction of the oil-immersed protection structure of the silk rod guide rail, leading to the accelerated wear of the wire rod guide rail.

 3.2 The horizontal beam must only be wiped with wet cloth, because there is a retaining tank in front and behind of the beam, which can not be cleaned directly with an air gun or water gun, otherwise the dust and water will directly enter the beam through the retaining tank, resulting in the damage of the oil-immersed protection structure of the ball screw rod and guide rail, resulting in the accelerated wear of the ball screw rod and guide rail.

In the retaining tank before and after the beam, there are sand leakage holes every one meter interval. The sand accumulation in the retaining tank is removed through the sand leakage hole to avoid the increased resistance when the cutting head moves due to excessive sand accumulation. Affect the normal operation of the guide rail ,ball screw rod and the motor.

 3.3 Internal cleaning of the vertical and horizontal beam rail guide rods (this part can be done once every three months to half a year)

Open the vertical and horizontal beam cover, and check whether there is deposited sand at the bottom of the oil. If deposited sand is found, it is necessary to discharge the oil in the vertical and horizontal beam firstly, and then remove the sand at the bottom, and then re-refuel . The standard of refueling is: the liquid level of the oil and the bottom of the guide rail at the same level(please note, the bottom of the guide rail).

 3.4 Dust removal for the head ball screw up and down (the dust removal can be done once in one to three months)

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The Z Axis lift ball screw, the cover plate of the "Nengbo Waterjet" should be removed (left and right two screws), and then using the air gun, especially pay attention to cleaning the internal space of the ball screw, the guide rail on the left and right sides of the lift plate and the dust at the upper position of the fixed nut, and then lubricate the guide rail, the position of the screw and the nut with oil.

4. Dust removal in the Intensifier Unit

 After the equipment is power off, open the Intensifier Electric Cabinet


This part mainly dusts the wiring position of all the original electrical appliances and the cooling fan. Note that the 24v power box in the upper right corner has a small cooling fan. Please use the high pressure air gun for dust removal. In the process of dust removal, we should pay attention to whether the wire is loose. If found, use the screwdriver in time.

5. Dust removal of the cooling fan (the dust removal can be done once in three months to six months)

 If the cooling fan is too dust, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the fan. It should be noted that a high pressure air gun is needed to dust the heat sink in the close range, and the cleaner the cooling effect is better. Some customers who have not pay attention to before may have accumulated a large amount of dust, which may be unable to meet the dust removal demand by the high pressure air gun, so the fan can be removed separately.


Fan shell has four fixed screws, can be directly removed the fan together with the black shell, so the radiator part can water gun directly, it is important to note that washing before the main motor waterproof measures (such as using plastic film covering the main motor, avoid wet water) water gun washing direction should be from the radiator to the fan direction, reduce the equipment internal water.