Foshan Nengbo Machinery Co., LTD. —— was established in 2004, the company is specialized in the research and development of manufacturing of CNC waterjet processing equipment enterprises. The company own land 30 mu, workshop more than 20000 square meters. Our Research & Development department has two Masters of Science Engineering and cooperate with several institutes of college.Nengbo company has more than 120 employees, tens of CNC and large-scale processing equipment. Products are sold all over the country, and are widely praised by customers. Nengbo company has developed lots of patented technologies, and has achieved industry-leading achievements in high-efficient & energy-saving waterjet processing technology and 600MPa ultra- high pressure technology.


Nengbo waterjet patent technology characteristics —— Cutting Fast, Power saving and Sand saving

Fast cutting —— Nengbo waterjet is equipped with a patented high-efficient and energy-saving waterjet supercharger, with high working pressure, low fluctuation and high cutting efficiency. The cutting speed is 10~20% faster than the market general supercharger, and the user can create more economic benefits of 30000~50000 per year. also can extend the lifetime of waterjet high pressure accessories, and reduce the cost of use and maintenance for the customers.

Power saving ——Nengbo waterjet equipped with the patented design of energy saving supercharger, the whole machine works, the electricity per hour is only 17~22 kw/ hour, compared with the waterjet equipped with general standard supercharger on the market, Nengbo waterjet can save 15~20 kw/ per hour. Annual processing can save electricity charges 20000~80000.

 Sand saving—— The precision sand control technology developed by —— Nengbo Waterjet, compared with the self-lowering sand valve, under the same cutting efficiency, Nengbo waterjet can save 2~3 packets (25 kg a package) of sand / 10 working hours, and can create more economic benefits of 20000~40000 per year.

Note: The above data are all from the annual measured data of Yunfu Stone processing plant and other brands of waterjet.